Julie Pishny is an artist who uses leaves, roots and flowers to ecoprint textiles creating wall art and clothing.  After many years flying the corporate flag, Julie returned to her love of fiber after attending a workshop with India Flint.   Additional classes with Carol Leigh, a Master Natural Dye Expert of Hillcreek Fibers of Columbia, MO and Neil Goss, a Weaver and Natural Dye Artist at the Lawrence Art Center in Lawrence, KS enhanced her work further and enthusiasm for plant dyeing.

Creating a botanical ecoprint that is as unique as it is beautiful, straight from the Earth has become my passion and driving force behind my art.   The ecoprint results from the actual leaf releasing it's color onto the natural fiber cloth.  It's a slow process that requires a week up to one month to complete, but the results are breathtaking and so worth the effort. 

Artist Statement

Growing up I worked alongside my Grandmothers in their flower and vegetable gardens.  I tended houseplants in my bedroom and transplanted daffodils creating my first flower patch under my favorite tree when I was very young.  Annual garden season included tending a vegetable garden with my family and Summer vacations included trips to our National Parks where we camped, pressed flowers in albums, hiked and slept under the stars.  As a result, I have a deep respect for living things and feel most as home when hiking in wooded areas.  As I hike along deer trails, I gather leaves, twigs, mushrooms, and wildflowers that I bring back to the studio for my dyework and ecoprinting.  

In the evenings and on rainy days time was spent sewing clothing, embroidering linens, crocheting and knitting.  I admit to continuing this practice into adulthood.  The natural progression of my love of plants and fiber has been a lifelong journey leading me to the combination of textiles and natural plant dyeing.

My plant dyed textiles and ecoprints are an expression of my interest in developing our human faculties to see more clearly the true nature of things, and recognizing the essence of plants and our relationship with them.  We are better stewards of the Earth when we have a better understanding of nature and our curiosity motivates us to engage with our surroundings.  Plants not only nourish our bodies, please our senses, oxygenate our air, provide materials for shelter, heal our bodies, but also provide printed cloth to enhance our living spaces and clothe our bodies.

Using natural processes, I ecoprint the image of the leaves, roots, stems and flowers onto the surface of natural fibers resulting in an array of soft muted color.  The resulting leaf images are ethereal, enchanting and always engaging.  We experience the wonder of nature, her grace, her power and we become humbled in her presence.  My hope as an artist is to enchant and fuel the curiosity of the viewer to build their own relationship with the familiar plants they grew up with as a child and encourage the honoring of nature and her conservation. 

Leaf printing and ecodyeing requires a commitment to being a lifelong learner to identify and discover the viability of color ranges contained within native plants from not only my garden, but of plants from different regions of the world. 


One of Julie Pishny's ecoprints received a first place award from Textile Art and Fiber Artist's (TAFA) Print and Dye Photo Contest in 2015. 

Strawberry Ecoprint by Julie Pishny Artist


Collaboration installation with Marcella Lally at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City, MO in 2014.  Vintage French nightgown ecoprinted with leaves.

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Wild Strawberry vines from my garden on silk.

Wild Strawberry vines from my garden on silk.